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                           About I’M A GNOME!

Fans of Mo Willems and Dev Petty’s I Don’t Want to Be a Frog will love this humorous tale about one gnome’s journey to prove he is unlike the other magical creatures in the forest.

Join Gnome (that’s spelled G-N-O-M-E–don’t ask why the G is silent!) as he travels through the magical forest to attend the annual Gnome Festival.

Along the way he encounters elves, dwarves, trolls, and fairies. But don’t be mistaken. He is NOTHING like those magical creatures. Well, maybe he is . . . but only a little bit!

When Gnome finally arrives at the festival, he realizes that all the traits he thought made gnomes different from the others actually made them alike–and that’s just fine. - PenguinRandom House

You can see the book and find out more (and even pre-order!) here:


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THE GNOME PROJECT: One Woman’s Wild and Woolly Adventure



Who thought that one small, seemingly innocuous thing could change a life. It can.

     At the beginning of 2012, after a lifetime of being unable to follow through on pretty much anything, I challenged myself to make one gnome every day for an entire year to engage in a daily practice. To support my venture, I created a blog that helped me see progress as I made it- which I definitely needed. During that year, great changes took place and through relocating my family and starting an entirely new life, I made those gnomes! 

    When I reached 2013, I stopped making a daily gnome to experience a year of absence from the project and to get perspective. I endeavored to choose a new practice and experience what it would be like to be without that gnome of the day helping me keep pace and keep peace. What I discovered was that the absence of those little daily gnomes was disorienting. Still, I powered through and when 2014 came rolling in, I started back up with a sense of relief to be, once again, engaged in a rhythm I have come to love.


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