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“It’s far from a ‘ooh, crafting is fun, you can do it to!’ kind of book. She is an artist who sets out to make a gnome a day because she believes she is a person who never finishes anything. A gnome is something that she can actually complete. A gnome a day will prove that she can get things done. In the end, it’s not about the gnomes...”


-KJ Dell’Antonia, Motherlode, The New York Times

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“This book is not simply about crafting gnomes. It’s a manifesto about the importance of daily habits and their ability to motivate, and it holds a powerful message to creative people of all kinds: don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; just do it!”


“The Gnome Project is the book equivalent of a supportive friend telling you, “whatever it is, you can do it.” 


-Whitney Morton Woodcock, Portland Book Review

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"This adorably illustrated book comes complete with a picture of each gnome created by the author and offers a unique approach to adopting a daily practice. There, in each picture, her gnomes repose in flowerpots, baby gnomelings hang from branches in their little felt bassinets and stealthy ninja gnomes peek out from behind trees.” “If needle felting isn’t your thing, that’s OK. Try another daily practice that suits you. If you enjoy making jewelry, why not try making one simple pair of earrings a day? If you love to cook, why not try out a new recipe once a week?”


-Amanda Harkness, BookTrib

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“Author Jessica Peill-Meininghaus explores the act of creating a daily practice, using an intent to make a needle-felted gnome every single day for a year as her spine. During the process, Peill-Meininghaus worked through the challenges inherent in such a daily commitment, and eventually began to experience the benefits, as well.”


- Julie Finn, Crafting a Green World​

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“In one of the most unique approaches I have ever encountered, Jessica Peill-Meininghaus illustrates the powerful impact of adopting a daily practice. With every turn of the page, there was humor, meaningful insight, and inspiration to be found. Who knew tiny, adorable objects couch teach us so much about finding our life’s purpose and carrying it out? I am grateful that Jessica did, and you will be too.”


- Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author of Hands Free Mama


"If you like shaping wool into charming, crafted objects through the process of needle felting, or if you like gnomes, then Jessica Peill-Meininghaus’s book is for you. But it would be a mistake to think that it is only about needle felting, or even about gnomes. Because it is also, and even essentially, about getting unstuck from that stuck place in your life by finding one simple thing to do consistently and well. Because doing one such thing will almost always lead to a second thing, and a third. And then you turn around and find miles between you and the place in the road where you thought you were pinned down forever. And you will just know, somehow, you are not going back there again."


-John Kralik, New York Times bestselling author of A Simple Act of Gratitude

“If making felted-wool gnomes sounds like something you'd enjoy, Peill-Meininghaus includes step-by-step illustrated instructions. If you're looking for a graduation gift, this book would be a nice reminder to make time for creativity and relaxation.” 


-Deb Baker, The Mindful Reader, New Hampshire Union Leader

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