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“We have such a definition of what we think art should be. And if we don’t see ourselves as fitting into that definition we just write ourselves off,” Jessica Peill-Meininghaus tells me from her magical attic studio..... “And I don’t think it works that way. I think we are all artists but we just have to figure out what that art is.”


- Micky Bedell, Bangor Daily News

Bangor Daily News

This interview contains video, audio and photos, you can see the entire interview here.

Do you have a daily ritual? Perhaps it’s waking up and immediately making coffee. Perhaps it’s morning yoga. Or maybe it’s texting that special someone to say ‘good morning.’


“Daily rituals can be anything … even gnome-making, as one Maine author did during a yearlong project that she’s documented in a new book....


Bangor Daily News

Written in short, digestible chapters, this is a book that’s great for reading in those little pockets of time in the day — like while waiting for the school bus to drop the kids home, eating breakfast or while waiting for dinner to cook.” 


- Sarah Walker Caron, Bangor Daily News Staff

Read the entire interview and article here.

The Gnome Project: One Woman’s Wild and Woolly Adventure was featured on May 9th, 2015 in The Sun Journal in their Weird, Wicked Weird section.


“When Peill-Meininghaus started needle felting gnomes — tiny, colorful creations with pointy hats and bulbous noses — she hoped they might teach her how to stick with something.


Sun Journal

She vowed she'd make a gnome each day. For a year......”


- Linsay Tice, Staff Writer, Sun Journal.

You can read the article here.

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